A Right Too Far


We demand the ‘right’ to too much

Especially sexually.

And I speak as someone who has enjoyed a fair few holidays on the wilder shores of sexuality. And who believes it is wrong to censure anyone for anything with anyone that is genuinely consensual.

But doing, and believing that I am right to do, is recognisably different from asserting that I HAVE the right to do.

The personal ‘right’ and the public, less social and much less legal right, are things apart.

Recently the ‘right’ to put out, but not put up, has wimmen marching across the First World. And the self serving nature of this movement serves to obscure other battles. More difficult, more complex battles.

Just as recently, the good Facebook Fight has been fought to prevent a backbencher Private Member (no pun intended) putting a bill before the Ugandan parliament that would have brought in the death penalty for repeated, overt homosexual acts, or homosexual acts where one participant was HIV+ or under the age of consent.

The basis of this First World campaign is, of course, that we have the ‘right’ to have homosexual sex – overtly and with whomsoever we chose, wherever and whenever we chose. And, in an ideal world, we would. But we do not live in an ideal world. We were cast out from that ideal world by religion. Primarily by Christianity.

Look to the reasons that most African countries have outlawed homosexuality… and you will find Christianity. In all the countries I can think of in Africa where homosexuality is illegal, the basis is Christianity. And yet the First World attacks them as barbaric.

For something which was enforced by the First World. With the emphasis on force.

Look to the reasons that most cultures have outlawed most practices… and you will find religion. A human behavioural code dictated by a God created by humans.

But we crave a God … we evolved into a master race of ‘ subs’, looking for someone to tell us what to do with our unexpected Darwinian supremacy. Unfortunately evolution gave us imagination before it gave is knowledge, and we created God.

Doctrine – is where went wrong.

Universal rights – that is where we are going wrong.

Nothing is for everyone – for all time – for all places. And we have to respect that.

Sex, and everything that comes (don’t !) with it, is individual. We ARE islands . We are NOT simply part of the continent, the main. Any main. As safe as that might make us seem.

We – at best – DO what is right.

But as to having absolute rights ? That way madness lies.

In Polynesia sexual relationships between elder family members and teenagers are accepted and encouraged as a way of teaching sexuality. In those cultures, rape is unknown. And yet our laws would go into penalising overdrive.

We have created a culture where fathers are afraid to hug their own children. Where 10 year olds get their sex education from Britney Spears and 20-somethings march for their right to lose any hope of a functional relationship in the name of GirlPower.

We need to remember that sex is about me and about you. And about here and about now. Whoever and whenever and wherever you and me and here and now are.

It is not about rights.

It is about right.

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