A Warning From History: Sex Lives of the Royals


We’ve seen it before and, some of the time, at least, we know how it ends. In decapitation and social revolution. On the 29th and 30th of this month, Pure XXX Films will be releasing a ‘porn-a-like’ Royal Wedding Parody entitled A Royal Romp, which can be viewed on Television X and Redhot TV.Upcoming starlet Megan Cox will be playing ‘Kate Fiddleton'(geddit?), while Michele Moist will be playing Chelsea. I’ve watched it, and while it misses a few golden opportunities for one-liners, it’s a good laugh in dubious taste. No doubt the sans culottes had a giggle at the porn being circulated in the early 1790s, depicting Marie Antoinette and Louis in a far less flattering light than A Royal Romp does Wills and Kate. Catherine the Great was a target for our own Thomas Rowlandson, too, but survived the porn-satire experience. The jury is out…

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