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Editor: Lucy Roeber
Relationships Editor:Karin Jones

Contributing Editors:   Jamie Maclean; Kate Copstick

A warm welcome to the Erotic Review: a website committed to giving sex a good name. Our site includes excellent fiction, sparkling features, superb photography and art portfolios and, of course, reviews of all things erotic. All content is free: we are a non-profit organisation and rely mainly on our readers’ support, as well as voluntary contributions from various sources, to fund this publication.

We aim to take a lively, intelligent approach to erotica and sexuality, always appealing to the primary sexual organ – the brain. This we hope to achieve through great writing, which is consistently witty and knowledgeable. Here at Erotic Towers, we feel that the media is bent on dim and lumpen sexualisation. It chooses the bland middle ground between sensationalism and flesh, oafishly seeking the knee jerk reaction of a shockable, pre-1960s audience that no longer exists, at the same time patronising the liberated and unshockable one that does. Erotic Review hopes to be an antidote to this dumbing down of sex.

In 2020 our website was updated to the latest version of WordPress by Triton TS Ltd who continue to maintain and improve the site (its first version was created by Mark Wales of Smallhadroncollider).

We hope you’ll like ER’s contribution to the debate on sex and sexuality with fiction, articles, reviews and portfolios of photographers’ and artists’ work. For the time being, access to the magazine is free: you can’t ‘subscribe’ to ER because we are no longer a printed magazine (our last printed issue was in May 2010). But you can peruse our archives (we’re gradually adding bits and pieces from past issues that are essentially timeless) and also visit us regularly for new features.





Erotic Review will NOT be accepting any more contributions until further notice.



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