An Evening with the Erotic Review

No pleasure without a bit of risqué

The frozen bison grass vodka was flowing on Tuesday, and as Ognisko’s stylish restaurant started to fill up we, the speakers, had a great time ensuring a little Dutch courage was present. The Editor at Large (Copstick), The Political Editor (Ian Dunt), the International Editor (Ali May, who compèred brilliantly) and the Editor (Jamie Maclean), that is.

Ali May, Jonathon Green and Sarah-Jane Lovett

And it seemed our guest speakers, Sarah-Jane Lovett, Nichi Hodgson and Jonathon Green (aka Bob Logic, aka Mr Slang) weren’t feeling much pain either.

Our publisher, Lisa Moylett, no stranger to a great party, was on good form. And a lot of us stayed on at Ognisko’s for drinks or a delicious dinner afterwards.  Caroline Criado-Perez tweeted: “So I’m @EroticReviewMag event, mainly to laugh @IanDunt. Disappointing lack of wipe-clean clothes so far,” to which we responded: “Hmm, it was mainly dry-cleaning-only crowd, but there were sparkly shoes.”

The Evening Standard’s Londoner’s Diary wrote: What does slang expert Green think of the C-word? To the Ognisko Polish Hearth Club, Kensington, where Jonathon Green, compiler of Green’s Dictionary of Slang, tackled the “Wolf Hall issue” of usage of the C-word. “I’d wonder about the validity of such usage in banter at this time,” said Green at the Erotic Review event. “It screams of modernity. The Earl of Rochester would have used it, and indeed with some relish, but earlier, I think probably not.”

The photos seem to reassure us that our audience had as good an evening as we did.

Left to right: Nichi Hodgson, Ali May, Jamie Maclean, Ian Dunt, Kate Copstick, Jonathon Green

Photographs by Joshua  Hayes

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