Benjamin George Coles

Benjamin George Coles is a writer of fiction and essays, with a mess of preoccupying interests across ethics and politics, philosophy and psychology, film and literature, music and dance, sport and other things.

Recently he was living in Bangladesh, where he did revise subediting for the Dhaka Tribune. Old writing of his, if you particularly want to dig it up, can be found in various Cambridge University student and faculty publications, in the journal of the artists’ collective Antropical, and in a couple of now defunct local Luxembourgish news and culture magazines.

While writing, he earns a bit of money by freelance English teaching and proofreading, he travels and volunteers, and he contemplates career lunges towards filmmaking, academia, counselling or trying to form a new political party based on principles of kindness and critical thinking.

The story of why old Elsie smiles at the sea