Carmelo Militano

Carmelo Militano is a poet and prose writer. He was born in the village of Cosoleto, Reggio di Calabria. Militano immigrated with his family to Canada at an early age. He attended St.Paul’s High School and received a B.A.Honours, English Literature and Secondary Education Certificate from the University of Manitoba; Masters in Public Policy from the University of Winnipeg. Militano’s poetry and fiction expresses and explores the dual consciousness/filter common to most writers with an immigrant past as well as themes found in classical literature, history, identity, family, and the erotic.
Militano’s literary journalism has appeared in a wide range of publications: CV2, Popmatters, Prairie Fire, The Pacific Rim Review of Books, The Northern Review and The Lonely Office.

He is a member of the Association of Canadian Italian Writers.

Desire’s Memory