Gwendolyn Kansen

“I’m a writer and art student in New York City. Between school, partying, and freelancing, I’m writing a semi-autobiographical novel called Outcastes.

I write about how people use sex. It’s hard to think of anything else that has so many contrasting purposes. Sex can be used to connect or disconnect; to impress or to relax; to gain control over others or to gain or lose control over yourself; or for any combination of love, entertainment, collaboration, and power.

My work has been published in The Frisky, XOJane, Erotic Review Magazine and on Amazon Kindle, as well as culture reviews. I’ve published with my real name. I also used to run a sex humour blog on the People of Walmart network. I hope to reflect the similarities and differences in people through how they relate to sex. Feedback is always welcome!”

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