Lori Schafer

Lori Schafer is a writer of serious prose and humorous erotica. Her short stories, flash fiction, and essays have appeared in numerous print and online publications, and her first novel, My Life with Michael: A Story of Sex and Beer for the Middle-Aged, will be released in 2015. Also forthcoming in 2015 is her second novel, Just the Three of Us: An Erotic Romantic Comedy for the Commitment-Challenged. She is currently at work on a third book entitled Shipwreck Island: How One Woman Spent Twenty Years On an Island with Sixteen Sailors and Lived to Tell the Tale. You can learn more about Lori and her forthcoming projects by visiting her website at http://lorilschafer.blogspot.com, or by subscribing to her newsletter via MailChimp at http://eepurl.com/OYNDL.

Ménage à Trois: Morning After

Me and Fat Marge