Lucy Roeber

Lucy Roeber is Er’s new editor.

Lucy discovered the Erotic Review in 2000 while at her first job as assistant editor at Prospect magazine. She’s followed the various incarnations of the publication ever since, from print to online, and believes that it fills an important role in provoking, amusing and exploring ideas around sex. It is more than 50 years after Susan Sontag bemoaned all explicit literature being labeled porn and the need for good writing and criticism around the subject is as valid now as it was then. The Erotic Review has always pushed the conversation and challenged the status quo.

Two years ago, Lucy started working with Jamie Maclean and has been involved in the Erotic Review ever since, writing reviews and editing the History of Pleasure section. When Jamie decided to retire in 2022, he offered her the opportunity to take on the title and she couldn’t refuse. She passionately believes that through art and good writing about desire, we can explore ourselves and our common humanity. That there has never been such a good time, nor such a need, to travel down our varied understandings of the erotic through art. She is currently focusing on the revamp 2023.

Lucy is a writer and editor. She’s written two historical novels, published a couple of short stories, reviewed books for the New Statesman and the Scotsman amongst others, worked as a freelance editor and with Cornerstones Literary Consultancy and did a Masters in Creative Writing at Birkbeck in 2007. She started the Erotic Book Club with the Hearth in 2020 and has been commissioned multiple times to write short erotica for Lickerish Library, under a pseudonym. Her literary agent is Araminta Whitley, director of the Soho Agency.

Lucy lives in London with her family.


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