Perry Glasser

PERRY GLASSER has published a surreal novel, Riverton Noir, a collection of memoirs, and three collections of short fiction, the most recent of which is Dangerous Places. Perry taught in a NYC public high school for a decade; if you visualize every cliché of what an inner city high school in New York is, you’ve got it right, except that he was an in all girls’ public school. He maintained order with a winning smile that discouraged his students from sabotaging his motorcycle with their Afro-pics. It was generally believed he would die young, as no one but a total fool would travel through New York on an underpowered rice-burner. He left that to attend the University of Arizona, was awarded his MFA degree, and become an itinerant English professor. Having the crappy luck of landing a job at a college that went belly-up, he spent seven years as and staff editor and freelancer before returning to classrooms at Salem State University from which he departed with a state pension. He has been a fellow-in-residence at the Norman Mailer House, the Hambidge Creative Arts Center and several times at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. In 2013 he was named Fellow in Creative Nonfiction by the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Glasser recently completed and is slogging through the marketing process for Blow Up The Ashes, a long naturalistic novel with action that occurs from 1916 to 1978-ish and total disregard for political correctness.