Robert Perchan

Robert Perchan’s poetry chapbooks are Mythic Instinct Afternoon (2005 Poetry West Prize) and Overdressed to Kill (Backwaters Press, 2005 Weldon Kees Award). His poetry collection Fluid in Darkness, Frozen in Light won the 1999 Pearl Poetry Prize and was published by Pearl Editions in 2000. His avant-la-lettre flash novel Perchan’s Chorea: Eros and Exile (Watermark Press, Wichita, 1991) was translated into French and published by Quidam Editeurs (Meudon) in 2002. In 2007 his short short story The Neoplastic Surgeon won the on-line Entelechy: Mind and Culture Bio-fiction Prize. His poetry collection Last Notes from a Split Peninsula will appear later in 2021. He currently eats and drinks in Busan, South Korea. You can see some of his stuff on

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