ER Crossword: Dominique Strauss-Kahn


Our erotic cryptographer,Pandarus, has constructed a special crossword with ANSIT (Apparently Not Safe In Taxis) Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF (International Monetary Fund) in mind.


1 As in him you’d find 4’s 10. As for him he left three graceful ladies and one hermaphrodite (6)

4 Put a measure in the market. He put measures in his masses (6)

7 Woodwind’s role at the coming-out affair? (7)

8 See 10 Down

11 So a no-go mum perhaps insists that her partner be thus (10)

12 See 23

13 Sacred power and energy, as Siva would know (5)

14 Put one tie among these non-believers and you’ll find cheating more than once (8)

16 Perhaps in Avignon I could find my 101st adventure in France, he might believe (8)

18 Cruel, confounded inflammation. Hard to stomach (5)

20 See 10 Down

21 The ultimate in a dress, not I, just ecstasy, no mate, at least not her legal one (10)

23/12 Such music to a lass might sound cleaner. But might she have written a diary in French? (7,4)

24 Roland, say, might be confused in anal dip (7)

25 Calm even though possibly teased (6)

26 Religious group about, about … shh, it’s confidential (6)


1 6 left a piece unfinished. Never mind, it’s in the chancel lobby (5)

2 The city that doesn’t sleep. Tell that to Sofitel (3,4)

3 Maybe by 4 for strings. More likely one of 16’s offences (9)

5 To lie under these might lead to profanity (5)

6 Lear mad? Clearly could be and very worried too (7)

9 Less noise, please, in the distillery (7)

10/8/20 Mark us question his DNA. Maybe as a would-be president rather than a homme d’affaires (9,7-4)

13 Chap’s in trouble. The sailor’s recipe (7)

15 Crackpot at afternoon tea (9)

17 For a snaky quality turn maiden over and extract air (7)

19 Ouch! Drop it and chiaroscuro could produce this buccaneer (7)

21 This could alter itself, specially if 6 (5)

22 Evade the issue, from the waist down? (5)

Solution to last month’s crossword by Pandarus

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