Lockdown Delirium


It had been a long confinement. Longer than most. She felt like she had been locked down for years. No sex for years. It had got to the stage where she had lubricious dreams, filled with mouths, penises, breasts, vulvae and fingers. She dreamed of cunnilingus and fellatio. She nightmared about being taken from behind and her gut exploding from the pressure. She woke fretful and anxious, dissatisfied. Her aloneness was underlined by the fact she could not see friends, not travel and not move from her flat. The rare times she went out, people looked askance, as did she, at the civil disobedience which she declared by her mere presence in public.

Today she had decided that she would venture further afar. The weather was lovely, a light breeze in the sunshine, and the countryside bloomed with rapeseed flowers and wavy green wheat stalks. There was no one around and she walked quickly, happy to be outside even if she risked a fine. And just as she was thinking that she saw in the distance a dark blue Volvo with a German shepherd lying in front of it. As she approached, two figures in dark blue stood chatting, one pulling heavily on his cigarette. Two young policemen, slim fit and bearded. The car was a police car. Just her luck.

As she got closer, the German shepherd rose. One of the two policemen said “Sit” firmly, and the dog sank back to the ground. She looked at who she thought was the dog owner. It was what her friend’s children would call a pigeon moment. One of those time when the most irrational thought crosses one’s mind and one is infinitely tempted to do something silly. The young man’s figure was hugged by his blue uniform, the dark material allowing a hint of his tight buttocks and muscular legs. This was city combat wear and the policeman looked ready for combat, of any kind. She was ready for body to body combat, she thought.

She imagined herself going up to him and asking him to fuck her. Would he arrest her? Would he laugh at her? Would he simply tell her to move on? The forest around would provide the canopy under which, Titania-like, she could frolic. Her eyes roved over his lithe body. She stopped walking, pretending to look warily at the dog, who growled, uncertain what to do. She stood there and her imagination ran riot.

First she would approach the bearded policeman. She would kneel down and deftly unzip his trousers. She would extract his penis and take it into her mouth. The organ would swell as she lovingly licked it, while with her hand she stroked the taut buttocks. Her other hand would encircle the man’s testicles, and caress that soft spot of hair between the balls and the anus. The tong, she thought to herself. That tong point that the tai chi teachers keep referring to. It must be there, nestled in the intimate heat of the reproductive and excretive organs.

As his sex grew strong under her gentle tongue, she would feel the throb between her own legs. She would start getting wet. She was a fountain woman, when she was excited her body produced what seemed like gallons of liquid, to the extent that some of her partners had thought, before they realised her production capacity, that she had peed herself. When she came, it was like a tidal wave, a son et lumière all by herself. Her head would slip back and forth as she alternately grasped his dick and licked under its cusp. No doubt it would smell both of freshly washed laundry and men’s musk. She smiled to herself. The dog continued to growl.

Once she had aroused them both sufficiently, she would rise and lean against the car suggestively, and invite him to penetrate her either frontally or from behind. She imagined herself spread-eagled over the bonnet of the car while he thrust and the dog looked on, sitting obediently on its haunches. Conversely, perhaps she would reach out and drag him into the forest, where he could take her standing against a tree, hidden from his colleague. She had not yet worked out what to do with his colleague. Should it be a threesome or not? She had never experienced a threesome.

Another dog started barking; she jumped from her daydream. She realised that there was a second German shepherd in the boot of the Volvo. Excited by the continued growling of the first dog, the second had begun to bark and scratch at his cage, asking to be let out. The two policemen continued their conversation, oblivious of her apparent hesitation.

She would prefer to be taken over the bonnet, she thought. His penis would be long and thick, to fill her completely. She glanced at his shoes and hands to check. Small feet, but thick fingers. Well maybe it would be short and thick. That was okay too, as long as it filled her and he knew how to wield it. He would thrust and then hold, waiting for her mounting excitement so that they could climax together. He would fondle her breasts, pinching her nipples to excite her, alternately fondling one side and the other, while his other hand reached for her clitoris. They would come in a grand orgasm and his and her come would drip down her legs.

It was a grand fantasy. She realised that the two policemen has stopped their conversation and were looking at her expectantly.

“Hello”, she eventually said, feeling foolish.

“Hello,” they nodded back in unison.

She pressed on before it occurred to them to fine her. She was happy, she had vicariously enjoyed some sex and in her mind she thanked them, both for the sex and for not fining her. It would stay a gorgeous day.