Lockdown Lechery

Before Covid and lockdown I ran in the evenings, but now I go out early to avoid other people. And working from home suits morning running as I have to be back by 9 am to log in.

It was while on an early run doing laps of Eastville Park that I saw her, powering up the hill towards me as I came down it. As she drew closer I could see her blonde hair was tied back. She wore a skimpy top so that her flat, sweat-coated stomach caught the morning light as she moved.

‘Good morning,’ I said, moving onto the grass to pass her. Lockdown meant that sometimes exchanging good morning while running was the closest I had to conversation all day.

‘Morning!’ she replied and smiled a thank-you for giving her space.

I glanced back at her and noticed her red shorts were riding low, above them the waistband of her black knickers.

I continued running down the hill, the thought of her toned skin slippery with sweat on my mind. I wanted to run my hand up those shorts and feel her heat. But before those thoughts could gain much purchase, I told myself she probably had a partner waiting at home and that I was most likely surplus to her requirements. So I ran on, resigning myself to a mere frisson of lust.

At the bottom of the park I started heading uphill. By now the sun had risen higher in the sky. It broke through the overhead canopy of leaves, forming kaleidoscopic patterns on the ground. I pushed myself hard, gulping air, my face sweaty with the effort.

In the distance I saw her thundering down towards me. She must be doing laps, like me, but in the opposite direction. I put on a sprint as she approached.

‘Morning, again,’ I said as we passed.

‘Looking strong,’ she replied.

‘It’s all downhill from here, right?’ I gasped.

She laughed.

I kept heading up the hill, but now a little slower. Nearing the top I knew I had to pee. In this sort of weather it made sense to drink plenty before setting off on a run. The park was wooded here, so I could relieve myself with discretion.

A worn path led into the trees and stopped just inside. There was no one in sight. Ah, that was better.


I wheeled around to find my female runner standing at the edge of the woods.

‘Really, this is not what it looks like,’ was all I could blurt out.

‘So… not having a quick woodland wank, then?’

‘What? No! Of course not.’

‘Hmm. Pity, I would have enjoyed watching that.’

She came closer. I realised that I was still holding my cock and that her proximity was turning me on.

‘Oh, hello…’

‘Don’t come any closer,’ I warned. ‘Social distancing, you know.’

‘How are we going shag then? By the way, you do know that this is a notorious dogging spot?’

It was? My mind raced. The question and the local information seemed quite unconnected. But perhaps not; I thought hard: it had been ages since I had sex. I tried to inject a modicum of reluctance into my voice.

‘Okay, but no kissing.’

‘That suits me fine. I prefer to be taken from behind.’

Holding on to a tree for support, she pushed her Lycra-clad buttocks into my groin. The synthetic fabric tickled the underside of my now fully erect penis The sweet smell of her sweat filled my nostrils and, with it, something else: she was as turned on as me. I leaned forward and tasted the saltiness of her exposed lower back. A gasp of pleasure escaped her. I ran a hand up her back and reaching round grabbed her left breast through the elastic fabric of her sports bra. A shiver ran down my spine – come to think of it, it was months since I had even touched someone else.

‘I want you,’ she said in a quiet voice that brooked no objection.

I moved one hand around her body while the other one slipped down her shorts and knickers. She was wet and open, her scent incredibly arousing. She pushed further back, stretching out her back and legs.

She gave a small sigh of satisfaction as I entered her. Our heights were well matched and I slipped all the way in easily. Our sweat and liquid excitement commingled; the slight apprehension of being caught fucking in a public park filled with dog walkers and other runners just meters away only served to turn us on more.

Then, as I thrust into her:
I did as she asked, holding her slim waist.
A little later:
Yes, now.’
For a moment, I paused.
No, don’t stop, I’m going to come.

Her hips seemed to shudder between my hands and she let out a low, drawn-out ‘ahhhh!’ of pleasure. Seconds later I followed her lead.

Sated, we said our goodbye and ran off in our separate directions.

*  *  *  *  *

I was late logging into work and my boss sent me an email warning. I thought about giving her the very reasonable excuse of having to have sex with a total stranger while out on my morning run. And decided against it.