Shakespeare Revisited


The expense of spirit is a waste of shame,
So spirited, abandon thy reserve,
Prepare thyself to play loveʼs two backed game,
See how thy master stands and waits to serve!
Grown hot he throbs within thy timʼrous grip
Against thy silken belly rubs his crown,
So kneel, and with thy tongue caress the tip,
And open mouthed begin to suck him down.
Feel how the pleasure heats thy maidenʼs cunt,
Itʼs juices flow, oʼerwhelm thy innocence,
Let hands and lips begin the eager hunt
As ravished, thou give way to decadence.
Laugh now, the beastʼs become thy pet;
Use him for all the pleasure you may get.

From: Shakespeare in Lust, 2004, Erotic Review Books
Illustration: woodcut by Hugo D. Wood

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