Fluffy Feminism


Recently I have been equally irritated by two dictats, emanating from the Mother Ship of Feminism. Firstly, we are informed, women have the inalienable right to do anything and everything from wearing what even Germaine Greer called “fuck me shoes” with a ‘look at my tits’ top and a ‘yes I do wax’ skirt, to, drunkenly, inviting random blokes into their homes, and still expect the law to protect them from anyone who takes them up on the offer of what they were, to all intents and purposes, giving away. Women have the right, we are told, to dress any way they want, without the irritation of anyone acting upon the signals that such dress puts out . Women, we are told, have the right to walk down the street dressed as “sluttishly” as they want. We women should all reclaim our inner “slut”. Tits and muff out, we have the right to sashay right in the face of men. And defy them to act accordingly. On pain of being deemed sexist monsters.

The ‘Slutwalk’ is a demonstration of women’s right to put out but not put up. Dress to pull but maintain the right to push. Bloody unfair enough, on its own.


In the same week, we are told (via the same Mother Ship) that the girls who choose to accept a generous remuneration to dress in couture, perfectly fitted leotards, marabou bustles and Bunny ears, to serve drinks and deal cards in an environment where their personal wellbeing is carefully guarded, are being demeaned. They – by dint of being dressed the way they are – are being used and abused by men. The very way they are dressed shows that they are considered mere playthings. Clothes, according to the Mother Ship, Unmake the woman in the PlayBoy empire. No matter what her intention, her attitude. No matter how smart she is. No matter that the men she serves drinks to might be in awe of her. No matter that a fun, well paid six months as a Bunny could pay her way through university. The Bunny Suit says she is a tragic victim. Says the Mother Ship. The Mother Ship ‘knows’ that men, when they see a woman in a Bunny suit, think only one thing.

And so no woman should dress in a figure hugging leotard and heels with tits and ass out in front of men. It is an abomination.

Unless, of course, you are on the Slutwalk.

Which is all about your right to wear a figure hugging leotard and heels with tits and ass out in front of men.

Am I missing something ? Or do these women just need a SLAP ?

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