Friday 30th April


Took afternoon off to practice my pelvic floor excercises. They seem to be working and I can now play Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy From Company B on the tenor sax.
Giles and Robert (his’n’his Gaultier/lavender Cadillac) called to ask if I fancied a watersports week-end in Turkey. Embarrassed to admit that I’d never tried anything like that. I blame my mother, who instilled into me at a very early age an aversion to anything which might result in a rash or heavy staining. But I accepted. Popped round to buy some Cranberry Concentrate from the boy with the sit-on-me face. Debbie says it is as good as Clarins Beauty Flash for the urinary tract and she should know.
Casually mentioned my holiday plans and watched his pupils dilate.
I think this is a good sign.
Lanson 3 Bolly 3 Old habits die hard.

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