Who doesn't like tattoos, colour, and humour? Step this way for a glorious re-imagining of an inky history.

Fans of Paul Thomas are in for a treat. Here is a 1066 And All That masterpiece detailing a rather less than reliable history of humans’ fascination with inking themselves. If the name doesn’t ring a bell but the illustrations do, you will have unwittingly seen his creations in the Daily Express where he has been the political cartoonist since 1998. He’s been a regular contributor to the Spectator magazine and his work is often in The Guardian. Or you possibly even saw his characters on the telly, where his work has been used by Channel 4 and Sky TV.

The book gives a comical account of tattoos throughout the ages, explained through words and Thomas’s wonderfully colourful and irreverent illustrations. It’s a nice, thick bit of published work, too and would make the perfect gift for anyone into any of the following: tattoos, satire, make-believe, colour, illustration, poking fun at celebrities, poking fun at royals, poking fun at history, beautifully presented books, life, love, wit, humour, fun. Oh you don’t know anyone who likes any of those things?

Pity. You must be a hermit.

Don’t use it to find inspiration for your next tramp stamp though – unless you’re a massive Paul Thomas fan, that is.

Paul Thomas’s Unreliable History of Tattoos is available to buy here or from here (the second one if you want to support independent publishing. Which we both know you want to.)


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