Antic Staatsoper: Gods and Myths

A photographer's view of mythology.

Antic Staatsoper was born in the south of France, but now lives in San Francisco’s Bay Area; he spends his time between music and photography.

Photography is the tool that allows me to easily synthesize my ideas. But I often mix media like music and videos to get a broader point of view.

I create parallel universes where I can experiment a world where art should be the only way to transcend our condition. I use these areas to test my intentions and to ask my questions.

My photographs often have an altered appearance. I want to come back to a timeless image. I used classical techniques for the composition (frame, lights, ) but the image processing (digital brushes and canvas rendering) remains digital, I don’t want to be backward-looking .

I give more importance to the intention rather than the technique. I think about each project like a story or a fable. I write the script but I only shoot the conclusion.

In the end, I desire to show the great waste between the inferno of religions and the lack of spirituality in the Brand New Material World.

His website:

Antic has of course different meaning; this bit of strangeness but not in a morbid way. It also comes from my interest in the antiquities, the philosophy of ancient Greece – its Gods, myths and legends.

Staatsoper comes from the Opera in Vienna its name is Staatsoper. It was a true miracle to see an opera there, as a personal experience it was really impressive. I was mesmerized by the beauty of humanity at its best. I strongly believe that we are able to create wonderful things… even if most of the times we’re like Robert Mitchum in the Night of The Hunter: torn between our impulses. During this time I read many Austrian writers and psychologists and found that I became more and more interested in painters from the early 20th Century. My more subversive spirit, however, found a home in the Wiener Aktionisten.


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