Gallery: Jose Furtado

Jose Furtado says, of his boldly erotic work, that he's drawn to the 'spontaneous and natural'. Some of his raunchier collections, featuring people trussed up and suspended from the ceiling, might not initially seem so natural, but it seems that's all down to our traditional British coyness when it comes the sexual: "…here in Spain we consider the erotic… something daily, without taboos, so for me it is not easy or difficult, just natural."

Contact High: Naked Girls Smoking Weed

Contact High is a new collection of works by photographer Richard Kern. Inspired by a chance encounter with a young model who reminded him of the girls of his pot-smoking days, the collection is imbibed with youthful hedonism, nostalgia and innocence. Kern says of the premise for the photographs, "I spent a lot of time with my friends smoking pot, listening to music, running around in the woods and sometimes swimming naked. Back then, when I was around a naked girl, weed was either about to be smoked or had been smoked." read more


Born in Miyazaki, Japan, 1945, Toshio Saeki’s extreme and polemical images depict themes of repressed desire, subversive sexual acts and violence,

Sin Bozkurt

Sin Bozkurt has been documenting alternative nightlife for some time now, making a name for himself in the industry by consistently capturing the essential atmosphere of events. This has earned him two club residencies for Gypsy Hotel and The Last Tuesday Society, as well as a large solo exhibition last year titled Behind Burlesque as part of the Brighton Biennial. read more

Adrian Samson, ‘Girls I Never Knew’

Award winning photographer Adrian Samson started out in advertising and has come to prominence for his intriguing take on the female nude. Here’s a sample of the London-based Slovak-Hungarian’s latest collection, Girls I Never Knew. read more