If It Quacks Like a Duck, Girls…


Were you to walk down the street dressed as a big cuddly teddy bear, would you find it unacceptable that small children would come up and pat you? Would want to cuddle you? YOU know you are not really a big cuddly teddy bear but …

Were you to venture onto the tube dressed in rags, smelling of pee and covered in dried shit would it be unexpected for people to look at you in disgust, to move seats to get away from you? YOU know that inside you are a wonderful person but …

Should you go through airport security with a tan, a beard, a big rucksack and a furtive expression, you would, in all probability, be pulled aside and ruthlessly strip-searched. Not particularly fair, but… predictable. Mmmm?

However it seems that, under the Rules of the Sisterhood, every human female has

a) the right to display any and/or all of the socially acknowledged, accepted, unspoken signs that she is out to attract the sexual attentions of the male of the species and, at the same time,

b) the moral and

c) the legal right to be outraged and demand recompense when the male of the species answers her signal.

Where are we going with this, ladies?

Not equality, that is for sure. Not respect, for respect exists amongst equals.

And how far do we want to go?

Tits wired up and ass barely covered atop fuck-me shoes is to be taken to suggest nothing? So creaming cunt in face and grasping hands on cock becomes what? The proffered business card de nos jours?

I refer you to the twin, albeit diverse, sources of wisdom that are the 14th Century Franciscan friar William of Ockam*, and the 20th Century literary and comedic genius Douglas Adams**

(Girls – if you are too busy bleaching, threading, lasering, squeezing, lifting, tightening and concealing to look it up, the references are below)

*lex parsimoniae – the principle that recommends selecting the competing hypothesis that necessitates the fewest new assumptions.

**i.e.,‘If it quacks like a duck…’

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