Even as great lovers of the written word, we have to admit that when it comes to sex, visual aids are a necessity. So we joined Instagram and started sharing some of the beautiful illustrations and covers we've published over the years. Despite Instagram's need to stay squeeky-clean to stay as a app available for download on the Apple Store (the real reason why Instagram gets skittish over nipples) it gushes sex. In no particular order, here are our favourite sex-obsessed Instagrammers... is it cheeky to include our own account?

Stephanie Sarley

You either get Stephanie Sarley’s work or you don’t. Jerry Saltz, the art critic for New York Magazine certainly does, commenting  “You. Are. Genius.” on one of her many opinion-splitting posts. Instagram deleted her account for its humorous depictions of genitalia while ignoring the artist’s complaints of harassment. But after standing her ground it’s back up. Initially started to promote her colouring book Dick-Dog & Friends, the 27 year old’s illustrations have created a mass of fan art. For the full story of Stephanie Sarley, read this Guardian interview with her. We haven’t had a go at making our own homages to her work; we’re perfectly happy looking at hers.


Don’t assume it makes an ass out of u and me hurhurhur

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We have been crushing on Thongria’s IG account for. a. while. Half Audrey Hepburn, half Bettie Page, Thongria (real name Zoe Ligon) is a self-proclaimed Dildo Duchess. Having worked in a sex shop in New York, Thongria moved to Detroit to spread the word of the good orgasm. By far the most varied and entertaining of IG accounts we follow, her mixture of sex and humour hits our G-Spot as well as any of the toys she sells on her site. God Speed, Zoe Ligon.


Cold Meat


Cold Meat could give us a run for our money when it comes to collecting erotica. Read Dazed’s interview for the low down on this San Francisco based collector of sex-positive erotica.


Kim Anami


Yup. Your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s a Murano chandelier suspended from Kim Anami’s vagina. She’s a vaginal Kung-Fu Master. Want to see the power of doing your jade egg exercises every morning? Look no further. She gives “Girl Power” a whole new meaning.


Mr Bingo

#donaldtrump #cunt #hatemail

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Our love affair with Mr Bingo continues. Fortunately we can do it without his knowledge. Alright, Mr Bingo isn’t sex obsessed BUT it is by far the most irreverent content you’ll find on IG. He posts dates of his next talks on here too… so maybe we’ll go stalk him in person one evening…


Fleet Ilya

Dog Mask & Full Body Harness in white – Photography @thingspowerthemselves #fleetilya #restraint

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It’s going to be a while before we find a Sugar Daddy rich enough to kit us out in Fleet Ilya’s beautiful leather bondage gear. But until then we’ll just cream over their beautiful photography. Sploosh.


Erotic Review

Monday mornings we be like… #KeepItFilthy

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At the Erotic Towers we have a dungeon where we keep our library away from prying eyes… which seemed like a shame. Follow our Instagram account to see choice pieces of artwork from the back issues.

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