Internet Dating: the debate continues


As someone who exploited internet dating to such an extent that it enlightened my sexuality and made me an author, I now see it as a two pronged activity serving two very different purposes. Firstly, there are the dating members who are looking for a long-term relationship – a conventional, committed union with a view to setting up house, acquiring mutual friends – who they secretly loathe, sharing a 4X4 and spending the rest of their time ferrying Junior around in it.

Secondly, there are the dating members who use it as entertainment or sexual adventure – an outlet to relieve the mundanity of everyday life. These are the’s, the’s or in my case, the’s, which finally enabled me to explore my penchant for the older man and brush with a class of fascinating people, which – at the time – my life afforded me little opportunity to do. Now, however, I have neither of these objectives and so I haven’t touched an internet dating site for years. I neither want a husband nor a 4×4, and I no longer need to satiate a thirst for a more exciting life. Now the only things I want from a lover/date/fling/ is toe-tingling romance and lust au naturale. But those are unlikely ever to be computer-generated. Imagine if they were. They would call it the iRomance.

Now, there’s an idea…

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