Meet the Lingerie Lesbian

"Anyone who wears lingerie for someone else's pleasure is going to be disappointed."

She’s obsessed with unmentionables, so much so that she runs a whole blog devoted to knickers, bras, corsets and anything else you can fit under your suit. She’s a woman with a mission, and a manifesto, educating and encouraging the masses to indulge in lingerie, the secret superhero costume of ordinary men and women everywhere. It’s almost impossible not to burst with excitement at the thought of ruffles, bows and scraps of lace after being treated to a little of her enthusiasm.


What are some of your favourite brands and pieces right now?

Right now I’m really into independent lingerie brands because their collections are so unexpected! Some of the brands on my wishlist are Hopeless Lingerie, Dottie’s Delights, Fleur of England, Darkest Star and eLai.

What do you look for in a good lingerie brand?

I always look for quality construction that will last and I also try to buy from brands that have ethical labor practices. It’s hard to find out that information, honestly, but it’s a lot easier to feel good about buying from a brand where you know the designer herself is intimately involved in production.

What are your thoughts on the differences between mainstream lingerie brands and independent or smaller brands?

Both mainstream and independent brands have a place in the ecosystem. When it comes to stong technical design and sturdy construction, mainstream brands are often more reliable, given the resources they have available. I’m a big fan of the Eveden brands (Freya, Fantasie, Fauve, Elomi, Huit, Goddess) as they do a really good job of matching strong design with wearable, practical pieces. I like independent designers because they are so much more likely to do something crazy and different that you would never see a mainstream brand doing!

Do you think the lingerie someone wears and how they wear it is likely to reflect their personality?

Yes and no. I think that in many ways liking or disliking lingerie can cut across so many different groups of people it’s hard to define a ‘type’ of person who likes a particular kind of lingerie. I think those quizzes about ‘what your underwear says about you’ are ridiculous!

However, I do think that those of use who are obsessed with lingerie tend to be interesting and unique because it’s really not a ‘normal’ thing to be interested in. I really love meeting other people who love lingerie because they so often have such interesting things to say.


Do you feel lingerie is something to be worn for one’s own pleasure, or the pleasure of another? And do you think different brands cater specifically to one or the other?

I think that anyone who wears lingerie for someone else’s pleasure is going to be disappointed. Lingerie will always make you happier if it’s something that makes you feel fantastic. If you wear something solely for your sexual partner, you’ll just feel self-conscious because you’ll be focusing on and analyzing everything they do to assess whether your purchase was ‘worth it.’ I personally think you should know if something is ‘worth it’ when you try it on by yourself.

Talking about the male gaze in lingerie advertising is a very tricky subject because it’s hard to get agreement on what is appropriate in a lingerie ad. I’ve seen some push for lingerie imagery not to be sexualized, but I’m not really in that camp. The lingerie imagery that appeals to me is the imagery that celebrates the feelings and actions of the person wearing the lingerie, not as a coy performance, but as a truly joyful act.


Do you primarily shop for lingerie online or in store? Do you think that buying lingerie online is unsupportive of independent boutiques?

I primarily shop for lingerie online. Often I buy directly from the designer or from online independent boutiques, so it’s not really a difference of independent brick and mortar boutique versus big box online store. However, I really see no problem with buying online if that’s where is most comfortable for you. Most of the time, I can’t get the lingerie I like in stores, so I don’t really have a choice! I do like to visit (and buy from) brick and mortar boutiques who offer me a really wonderful and unique experience in store, which is why I do boutique reviews.


Tell us about your journey from lingerie blogger to lingerie student and designer!

I first started my lingerie-themed tumblr in my last year of college, which was a fun but low-maintenance way to spread all my favorite lingerie. After I graduated, I started working in PR, doing social media, but I found that I was missing a creative outlet, so I started my blog on WordPress and really began to write. I’ve done all sorts of arts throughout my life, so the leap from writing about lingerie to wanting to make my own wasn’t that unexpected, although I first learned how to use a sewing machine only a year ago. Applying to a fashion degree was a long process, and I can’t believe I am starting my degree in a couple of weeks!


You can find the Lingerie Lesbian’s website here.

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