Monday 26th April


Back at MWAH! PR after a fab weekend down in Dorset.
Actually, the way Sunday developed, it was more like down on Dorset.
Bollycount – zero. Horribly disappointing.
Philip won a Champagne vineyard in the tombola at a Celebrity Brown Baby Auction last year and he was showing off his latest vintage. Tastes like Andrews Liver Salts but seemed to cure Zara’s thrush.

Noticed, in the less than flattering light of my south-facing ensuite that I seem to have developed a sub-ocular matching set of Louis Vuitton.
Maggie – the PA from hell – looked knowing and said ‘too much bed and not enough sleep’ . I am looking at Lord Lloyd Webber with newfound respect.
But as my personal motto is “Melior est conterere quam robigine infestari”, which, loosely translated means “it is better to wear away than to rust”, I shall buy some Vitamin B complex and experiment with veils until I look better.
Spent morning pitching ideas to strange bearded man (Oxfam/Citroen CV) whose main claim to fame seems to be that he invented an ecologically sound carpet cleaner that uses vibration rather than chemicals to loosen dirt particles. He didn’t buy my idea of promoting his machine as the first to offer women simultaneous domestic hygiene and orgasms. He’s looking elsewhere.
Day improved with lunch – Tim (Armani/Lexus) and v. respectable Bollycount.

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