Penny Arcade’s show wows them in Deptford. Hear all about it from the girl herself – in our first podcast

In our first ever EROTIC REVIEW PODCAST INTERVIEW Jamie Maclean and Robyn Sluis-Cremer interview Penny Arcade; she was there at  Andy Warhol’s Factory and she was a darling of Quentin Crisp; she tells ER all about her show at The Albany in Deptford; it started on the 15th December.

Penny Arcade has been a Downtown NYC legend for decades. A teen runaway, Warhol Factory Girl and bff to the late gay icon Quentin Crisp, she is considered one of the creators of performance art. And after a hugely successful summer run of her renowned show Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore! She’s back to in London for a Christmas run for the Albany’s 30th Birthday celebrations, more than twenty years since it was first performed New York.