Nude Cyclists Eclipse Slutwalkers


Nippy for June? Mildly disappointed that the Slut Walk wasn’t more eventful? Well, this afternoon these doughty cyclists had the balls for a bracing bike ride, no doubt about it. Whatsoever.

Nude encounter of the third kind

Our Man Lurking In The Park, pervy shutterbugger that he is, caught up with them at Speakers Corner and,while pretending to adjust his panniers and bending over to tighten his wing nuts, surreptitiouslyshot these saucy snaps. Not a Nude Boris Bike or purple helmet in sight. Still, way to go, boys!

Says one of the UK organisers of the World Naked Bike Ride, “The worldwide rides mostly consist of naked smiling cyclists, and have never resulted in wide-scale panic or the downfall of civil order. Prudes can look away if they’re so easily offended.” Absolutely!

Nude biker media moment

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