REAL MEN as discussed by Julie Bindel, Diane Abbott, Serena Kutchinksy and Rowan Pelling

'It serves men and women equally well for gender difference to continue.' - Serena Kutchinsky

“We are in the age of the Metrosexual, where binary distinctions between ‘male’ and ‘female’ have never been more ambiguous. What place does the old-school fantasy of the ‘Real Man’ have in 2016? Should we be pleased to relegate hyper-masculinity to the historical garbage can? Or are courage, grit and determination still qualities that are sexually attractive and socially necessary? Join our four ladies as they consider what’s next for the men. Featuring radical feminist Julie Bindel, Labour MP, Diane Abbott, digital editor of the New Statesman Serena Kutchinsky and former ER editor, Rowan Pelling.

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