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Kate delves into the sparkling, steamy grey. Or is that the steaming grey sparkle? Or the grizzled, glittering steam? It's late. It's late and it's Friday. It's late and it's Friday and I want to go home…

I am sitting on a late Friday afternoon, staring disconsolately at a pile of books recently sent to Erotic Towers for review. All, pretty much, have restrained grey covers and strap lines like ‘An erotic series so steamy, it sparkles!’

To my mind, the key to writing good erotica lies not just in the actual description of sex itself but the construction of a premise in which we can emotionally invest and, more importantly, in the creation of characters we care about. I must confess to one of my all time guilty pleasures, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series – although the sex is rather tentatively approached in the first novel, by her eighth they are erotically charged and it is entirely down to the credible romance between her characters Jamie and Claire.  For the uninitiated, by the way, there is a fair bit of spanking, cuni-loitering, a good deal of dominance: “Och, dinnae fash yerself and come here lassie” – and what’s even better is that at the same time you’re learning all about Highland life, the Jacobites, or the American Civil War: never has history been so appealing!

I digress, so back to my grey, tower of literotica here are my thoughts on the latest offerings:

Suite Seventeen: Portia Da Costa

Da Costa is a safe pair of hands in this particular genre, and manages to create quirky, interesting heroines; in this instance Annie Conroy, who is lured to the Waverley Grange Hotel for some erotically-charged fun. It reminded me somewhat of Marina Anderson’s Haven of Obedience – but a much more satisfying a read.




French Lessons: Monica Belle

Saucy Elise inherits not only a run-down manoir in the Dordogne but tenants, in the shape of super-masculine, cockily attractive Jean Belair and his comely girlfriend Liselotte. Throw into the mix Elise’s arrogant, posh, city-trader former boss Aaron, some delicious wine (well lots actually – and plenty of spanking) and there you have it. Not quite my cup of tea, although it did make me laugh out loud on occasion, and the sex was well depicted.



Switch: Megan Hart

Paige is a young divorcee struggling to find the right path in life. When mysterious letters begin appearing in her mail box, seemingly for someone else, Paige becomes intrigued and begins acting upon them: Don’t Think. Don’t Question. Just Do. Shall we begin? Ahaa, I thought, finally some good writing! But unfortunately it just failed to pull me along.In fact, if I attempted to read this in bed,  guaranteed I’d be asleep in minutes.



Wolf Bride, Rebel Bride and Rose Bride: Elizabeth Moss

If you don’t mind the anachronisms and love the Mills & Boon oeuvre then these are for you. Personally I thought Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall was sexier.




Hearts and Diamonds: Justine Elyot

The second instalment in this series featuring celebrity judge Jenna Diamond and her bit of rough, Jason. Dreadful writing and an even weaker premise – I guess there is no accounting for taste. I’m only mentioning this book so that you can avoid it.

No stars

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