Friday Follies


We almost left the bar before the show began. The group sitting (right) next to us were in marketing. And they kept texting the jukebox with the cheesiest of an innocently eclectic mix of tracks. But the bouncer persuaded us to go back in.

It was a brilliant evening. Everything that the marketeers had done to put a dampener on it, Pete Saunders and Vicious Delicious undid. Damn, but that man can play a keyboard. The website says that he does ‘everything from Nirvana to Nat King Cole’, and take it from me, his renditions are extraordinary. There ain’t nothing like a performer who loves his job.

From the moment she introduced herself in her sultry French accent, Delicious was enthralling. The guy at the table in front looked like that wolf-whistler cartoon by Tex Avery with the goggle eyes. Metaphorically as well as physically, I wasn’t far behind him. Everything about her is confident. As the sobriquet suggests her performance is a cocktail: singing and stand up, nonchalant and dynamic, cynicism delivered with levity.

Speaking of, my mate and I had the ‘Mulholland Drive’, both being Lynch (and tequila) fans. They were strong (as you want a cocktail to be) and reasonably priced. The place is ergonomic in every way. Rather lovely bar staff made life easy and happy and generously dispensed platters of popcorn all evening. And the famous smoke-screen toilets did not fail to delight us (a light turns the clear glass cubicle doors opaque as you shut them). Salubrious though tiny, and oh so ‘London’, there are performances every night. It’s the perfect place for a cosy cocktail.

Just thinking about Saunder’s accomplished musicality and VD’s rapacious wit returns me to that marvellous delirium that only the best, most absorbing entertainment can induce. The vibe may be retro, but this is an upbeat, offbeat little number and I’ll be beating it back there soon.

Friday Follies. Cellar Door, London. Fridays, 21:00. Free.

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