Guilt-Free Toys and Ethical Nipple Pasties


Not to discriminate guilt freaks, but environmental hazards are not the kind of no-no that should take anyone’s fancy. If you ever wondered whether that plethora of pink plastic in the average sex toy arsenal screwed the environment more than your partner, wonder no more: specializes in eco-friendly toys made from glass, metal, ceramic (ahh…the smoothness!) and even wood. Plastic and silicon are available, but guaranteed to be 100 percent phthalate-free.

Phthalates, yes. Those would be toxic plastic-softening chemicals that take forever to degrade and can cause all sorts of physiological inconveniences, ranging from hormone disruptions and infertility to kidney damage and cancer. All brands sold by are committed to keeping that nasty stuff (pronounced ‘thal-ates’) away from your privates.

Whether you’re an experienced sex toy enthusiast or a curious first-timer with looking for ideas to spice up the ol’ run-of-the-mill Friday night romp with your better half, you’re guaranteed a comfortable introduction: all vibrating toys are advertised as quiet and waterproof. The bath, it turns out, is a rich moment for sexual exploration with Big Teaze Toys favorites I Rub My Duckie, I Rub My Fishie and even I Rub My Penguin (from £13.95).

Not all toys are supposed to go into places. features a range of sexy accessories including pom-pom feather ticklers, feather handcuffs and nipple jewelry (including the most elegant burlesque pasties I’ve ever seen).

Beginners dumbfounded by the many categories and varieties on display may go for practical gift sets like the Nookii Slap & Tickle: for £20.95, you get ankle and wrist restraints, a blindfold, instruction cards and a versatile feather tickler, to be used ‘as a whip with a sting or a tease with a light touch.’

Boys are treated to a wide range of prostate stimulators (i.e., dildos that resemble gear shifts for a butch look). Less curious dabblers will find a comfortable compromise in the Tantus C-Sling Cock Ring, a ring that constricts the penis and testicles with a protruding ‘tongue’ to stimulate the perineum, ‘giving you an external prostate massage.’ The 100 percent silicon toy promises to slow down the male climax by 6-45 seconds, which could make it extra-useful from a female perspective as well.

This reviewer’s favorite: the Rock Chick G-Spot Clitoral Vibrating Massager (Rocks Off, £28.95). Anatomically designed for simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral stimulation, it derives its long lasting vibrations from an ‘80mm bullet,’ which can also be removed and used by itself. It doesn’t get more rock ’n roll than that.

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