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Picking up good vibrations

If there’s one positive thing to take away from being stuck at home 24/7 (and there really is only one thing), it’s that opportunities to have a good ol’ wank have been on the rise. In lieu of being able to actually go out and meet people in order to satisfy certain, er, needs, I’ve been reacquainting myself with…well, myself. Or, at least, that was the case until LELO SILA arrived on my doorstep and I decided to sneak her into my bed.

There are some sex toys that really make you forget you’re on your own, and LELO SILA is one of them. Smooth to the touch and perfectly sculpted to be operated one-handed and with ease, SILA is all about creating a full-body experience. This isn’t the toy for you if you’ve only got five minutes to spare or want to rush to the finish line: SILA wants you to play all evening and is determined to make you enjoy every second of it.

According to LELO, SILA works using sonic wave technology. I wasn’t quite sure what this meant, and how it was different from, say, the suction used by toys such as Womanizer’s Liberty. But I’ve since realised that an important aspect of SILA – and perhaps the key to its success – is its determination to not actually touch your clit at all. Instead, it seems to operate by means of a pulsing vacuum, which creates rolling waves around whichever pleasure points you choose. This has the effect of very gradually bringing you to the crest of an orgasm, which is then almost mind-numbingly powerful.

After a quick tot up, I found SILA to have seven levels of intensity and seven patterns, some of which focus on rhythm while others teasingly cycle you through from levels one to seven at differing speeds. There is enough variety here to keep you in bed for much longer than your average vibrator and it is clear that LELO are sensitive to the problem of overstimulation that some toys can cause. By never putting direct pressure on the clit and allowing you to easily switch up the intensity, it allows you to truly take your time and enjoy extended pleasure without any fear of things becoming ‘too much’.

A couple of other things worth mentioning about SILA are that it comes with a sachet of LELO’s own water-based lube, which I used with abandon. After having done so, I would definitely recommend using lube with SILA for ultimate satisfaction – not only does lube generally make everything better, but it also adds an element of self-care and indulgence, perfect for when you’re having some time to yourself. SILA also comes with a sleek black pouch to keep it in (always a bonus) and is fully waterproof – I took it for a test drive in the shower just to be sure and came out a lot happier than when I stepped in.

Available to purchase at LELO