My eagerness to find out what Jive – We-Vibe’s new sex toy – was all about, led me to whipping out the box in Five Guys, to the horror/delight of my sister. The packaging was sleek, and Jive was nestled inside – a rounded g-spot vibrator with a thin strip of silicone meant to be left outside the body so you can tug the toy out again. Coloured a light, calming blue, it is one of the least intimidating sex toys I have ever seen.

I could already tell that Jive deserved a better reception than the table at Five Guys

I had already downloaded We-Connect – the app that allows you or a partner to operate Jive from absolutely anywhere – and it took about ten seconds to connect it to Jive via Bluetooth. Then, we watched the toy rattle around on the table while I flicked through the many, many settings. Without the app, Jive is fairly limited – plenty of patterns, but all vibrating at the same strength. With the app, it’s a different story. Simply slide your fingers across the screen of your phone – trust me, on this occasion they won’t be missed elsewhere – and you can rapidly increase and decrease Jive’s vibrations, letting you turn something weak and steady into a concentrated rollercoaster.

I said a hasty bye-bye to my sister. I could already tell that Jive deserved a better reception than the table at Five Guys.

At home, things ran a little less smoothly. Apparently when between layers of skin, clothes, and duvet, Jive finds it difficult to stay connected. At one point I considered putting my phone in my underwear – anything to spare me the frustration of the toy blinking in and out of action, or getting stuck on a setting that wasn’t really doing it for me.

But, eventually, Jive acclimatised to its new location, and my reward was about ten minutes of bliss – before I messaged a certain friend and got him to hook up his own phone. Then, it was ten minutes of texting him to not be so stingy – I know there are higher settings than that, I did just (kinda) test it out in a restaurant, thanks very much.

In all, Jive is a lot of fun, and especially excellent if you have a partner some distance away. Its shape and texture make it undeniably pleasant no matter where you put it – I spent a fair amount of time simply holding it in my hand and revelling. The only thing I’d say is, be prepared to give your phone screen a wipe from time to time – it might not be used to this much action.

Made by: We-Vibe

Available for £99.99 at: Lovehoney

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