Kama Sutra Workout

Kama Sutra Workout (Work Hard, Play Harder – With 300 Sensual Sexercises) boasts an awful lot of sex positions that will have you running (or crawling, possibly) for your chiropractor. Unless you’re a dedicated gym bunny, that is.

We asked the youngest member of our team (definitely not a g-bunny) to be the book’s, er… guinea pig.

In her own words:

Flex and Fondle (p. 370) was OK – you just have to lie there. Dizzying Heights (p. 371) on the other hand, was another matter entirely. You would need the fitness and balancing skills of a seasoned Cirque du soleil performer: I defy any of the men I know to hold this position for more than twenty seconds. I landed hard on the floor after five, demanding a lot more Flex and Fondle by way of compensation. It’s a chunky little book, and if my significant other gave it to me as my Valentine’s present, I’d hit him with it.”

With an illustrated page for every one of the 300 spine-crunching positions, for each hamstring-destroying action, the KSW looks kind of fun, but honestly? It might have you groaning with something other than pleasure. We loved the illustrations, though. Those armchair gymnasts and couch potatoes among us can look at them but only dream of achieving the Cliff-Banger, Titanic Tingles or Leaning Cowgirl.

This book is totally reminiscent of the amazingly funny Trojan Olympic Games spoof videos. But perhaps not for those who value sex as a meaningful, emotional and erotic exchange rather than a session in your local Virgin Active…

Kama Sutra Workout, Dorling Kindersley (ed. Alice Horne), paperback, pp. 384, RRP £7.99

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