New Comedy? New Erotica?

Perhaps not this reviewer's idea of a must-have satirical stocking stuffer.

“We just used an entire book of comedy to point out some of the ways in which women and other marginalised communities are expected to live up to society’s impossible and often conflicting standards”.

I am delighted to read this on p.99 of a 128-page bookette. Otherwise I might have thought that it was simply a tooth-grindingly irritating collection of one joke, badly done and repeated like a menstrual cramp during a troublesome period. Never has the ‘pull back and reveal’ comedy technique been used to so little effect. This is not any kind of comedy. Nor any kind of erotica. It is, however, endlessly predictable, smug, condescending and gave me slightly less enjoyment than having my last IUD removed. Too many trees have died for this ghastly little tome already. Don’t buy it.

New Erotica For Feminists; Caitlin Kunkel, Brooke Preston, Fiona Taylor and Carrie Wittmer; Sceptre; 128 p; hardback; £9.99

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