Shedding Some Light On The Matter

She told me she was kinky... so I left the shed light on.

For some it’s the glimpse of a grey tie, for others – the garden shed, it would seem… At Erotic Towers we believe that the only thing hotter than the proverbial roll in the hay is a jolly good laugh about it.

And my how we roared. 50 Sheds of Grey is a heroic spoof of that book – leading you down the garden path of BDS&M, through the eyes of one slightly baffled and terribly unsexy protagonist – Colin Grey.

It started out, as so much does these days – on the internet – and is now a great little hardcover, filled with the sort of humour and shed-based imagery to make any lusty gardener quiver with desire. The perfect stocking-filler to bring a tiresomely romantic E.L. James fan back down to earth with a satisfying, bottom-thwacking splat.

Fifty Sheds Of Grey, by, C.T. Grey, published by Boxtree, £9.99