Slippin’ and slidin’

A bit of Dutch courage for that tricky anal sex…

I wasn’t sure how much I’d have to say about Dutch lubricant. Ideally, it should do exactly what it says on the tin. That being said, I think Level deserve a shout-out for their luxurious new lubes.

Available in five varieties for differing types of sexual play, Level lubes cover everything you’d expect: dermatologically tested, condom compatible, suitable for men and women. However it’s the quality of the product that makes it a hit. Unlike a lot of other lubricants, it didn’t become sticky or greasy. Even better, it’s long-lasting, which meant no need to keep topping up mid-anal (and let’s be honest, anything that makes anal easier is a blessing).

Never a fan of lube in the vagina, Level hasn’t managed to convert me. But it was great for use on the clitoris, particularly once the vibrator got involved. Again, it was the texture of the product itself that was so impressive; remaining sleek without becoming cold and tacky on contact with air.

For the cherry on top, all Level lubricants are nicely packaged and conveniently sized at 100ml – perfect for your clear plastic bag at airport security.

Overall, an unexpected delight.

Ride and glide, friends. Ride and glide.


Prices start at £12.99 from DokterLifeStyle and BuzzPinky. Discover more about Level products here.

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