Saturday 1st May


Weekend in ruins. And I don’t mean Efes.
Giles and Robert arrived round this morning with the Lavender Lady (their name, not mine) full of scuba diving equipment and a jet-ski on a trailer.
I cancelled. Who cares ? The Cranberry Concentrate was giving me indigestion anyway.
I shall phone Joely at MWAH! and tell her I can help with the fundraiser we’re working on. All major PR firms do a little cosmetic charity to improve their image. We’re into breast implants for the unemployed this year. We got a raft of B list actresses drunk and persuaded them to photocopy their breasts. Now we’re auctioning the prints off. Unless Nerys Hughes’ lawyers have succeeded with that injunction.
Bollycount restored (12). Lanson have gone to Matthew Freud.

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