Tuesday 4th May


Still obsessing about GR. Who is not, I repeat, my type normally. Too old, for a start. And not obviously damaged enough. The young Robert Downey Jr … now there was a fantasy man. The very young Andrew McCarthy … oh yes … in St Elmo’s Fire. When he finally got Ally Sheedy into bed I couldn’t touch myself below the solar plexus for fear I might explode. However, I just adore a man who says ‘fuck’ as if he really means it. And he is so … visceral. In an age of men who are trying so hard to ‘understand’ they practically lactate, it is exhilerating to find one who hasn’t traded in his testosterone for a copy of ‘Men Are From Mars……etc’. He is a raging egomaniac and a bully. Which has its own kind of sexiness. I do like to be dominated. And The Ram might just be able to do it. I imagine whispering complimentary things about Anthony Worrall Thompson in his ear to set him off into a violent rage. Very sexy.
Added to which, one would imagine that a chef, of all people, will understand that there is more to making a decent kebab than just getting the meat on the skewer.
It has to be prepared…tenderised….seasoned…and I’ve seen Gordon’s way with raw flesh.
I have changed my e-mail password to ‘confit’ and booked lunch at one of his restaurants. Not Petrus. I think he treated Marcus Waring very badly so my principles will not allow me to go. Apart from which AA Gill hated it, which is good enough for me.
BOLLYCOUNT Just a couple with lunch and a few at a planning meeting with a production company who want a launch do set up for a new series called “What IS The Point ?” The first programme features Katie Price, Ferne Cotton and Justin Lee Collins
BONKCOUNT Snacked on a beautiful young man who works for the production company as a “runner”. Not fast enough, it transpires.

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