When Art Confers True Pleasure



When it comes to pleasure, I rank food, conversation and art to be some of life’s finests. Certainly sex is also filled with oral, visual and auditory attributes which gives it a unique place in the hierarchy of things that gratify. So, when it comes to sexual pleasure, a toy that appeals to our sense of aesthetics is something to be admired.

Let me introduce you to the intersection of art and sex. It’s called Prudence. It’s made of porcelain, feels amazing, and is so discreetly beautiful I’m thinking of keeping mine in the kitchen for my lunch time interludes.

I’ve recently become almost afraid of my vibrators. I have a habit of thinking clinically about the ins and outs of sex. When I consider the long-term consequences of pressing a high-intensity, pulsating electronic device against the 8000 exquisite nerves of my clitoris, I’m wondering if some day they’ll go numb. There’s no data for this, but every time I’ve suggested there could be drawbacks to vibrators, I’ve been dismissed by the doyennes of sex toys. But I’m cautious.

So I’m dusting off my dildos. They may not take me to the orgasmic moon as quickly as a vibrator, but at least I’m assuming my clit will be less fatigued by the time I turn 80. My favorites have been works of art. The curved stainless steel one is perfect for pressing on the G-spot and it’s heft makes me almost feel a hunky partner is there with me. My solid glass wand is knobbly and way better than a courgette. Prudence combines the best of these attributes. The solid porcelain gives it a perfect weight and the variable width provides a variety of sensations depending on how shallow or deep you take it. It’s pretty much a perfect dildo.

But to get Prudence off the ground, Fine Bone, the start up company hoping to distribute it, needs your help. They are running a Kickstarter campaign to get the first lot made by the UK fine porcelain manufacturer they’ve contracted with.

Think of your clitoris (or your partner’s) and let’s get this lovely device off the ground and into our bodies!

To donate to this campaign visit here. If Fine Bone doesn’t make their target, your credit card will not be charged.

Love, Karin

Karin Jones is the editor of ‘Love and Sex‘ and writes the bi-monthly ‘Savvy Love‘ column.


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