Whistleblower, Rapist and a Bad Lay


Strange how powerful simple little words can be.

I have been, as regular readers will be unsurprised to hear, vociferous in my defence of Wikileaker Julian Assange. To believe that a man who has just fucked the double-dealing, power-mongering, empire-building, law-breaking, electorate-despising, democracy-scorning Big Boys of the political world right up the shitter with their own lies rolled into a weapon of arse destruction would, within a matter of weeks, pop over to Sweden to rape a couple of random starfuckers before making his way to the UK requires the kind of wholesale and unquestioning acceptance of anything we are told by those in power that ran up the German gas bill merely on the word of Hitler.

It does take the terrifying power held by any woman – safe in the knowledge she will not be named (OK, these two have been outed), to decide, at any time after any sexual encounter, that she has been raped. Perhaps Assange is getting off lightly. The Mafia would simply have taken him out. The Russians might have poisoned him with radiation. In South America he might just have “disappeared”. Tangle with The Land of the Free…or The Mother of Parliaments and you are merely arrested on a double rape charge and held without bail. Accuse a man of murder, fraud…even war crimes, and the dodgiest acquittal will ensure the charge will soon be forgotten. Accuse a man of any sex crime and you destroy him forever.

For some reason there is something about an accusation of rape that, no matter what the verdict, leaves a man tainted. I have seen people look at a man even as he walks free from court after a Not Guilty verdict with a look that says, “no smoke without fire.” And even though the Political Powers That Be have hopelessly miscalculated here, their Governmental feet becoming victims of what even they must agree was “friendly fire”, they currently have managed to get this most worrisome of dissidents under house arrest (interesting…just as Burma releases theirs) and made sure that the idea of slightly seedy, unsafe and, allegedly, pretty rubbish sex follows him forever. Right at this moment, say his name and more people would think of rape than would think of forcing the lock on the Pandora’s Box of the American and British governments.

Did anyone attack Woodward and Bernstein this way? No. Even Nixon wasn’t that dirty. Even for me – convinced as I am that this is the kind of action by the government of the world’s biggest superpower that should make all of us fear for…well…all of us – this political freedom fighter, this superhero of all who care about Truth and Justice, if not necessarily the American Way, has been diminished. He is a shit shag, we hear. He has unprotected bad sex with people he has just met and doesn’t go for regular testing. Worst of all, he said his accusers had “got into a tizzy.” A tizzy? This man has done more powerful things with words than almost anyone could imagine. And, to the world’s media, he says these women were “in a tizzy.” Julian…Christmas list: condoms, the entire Erotic Review Sex Masterclass series and a thesaurus. Tizzy. Oh the power of words.

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