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Pride and Prejudice: The Lost Chapter

Mrs. Bennet's Maternal Advice

As the eminent writer Martin Amis correctly observed, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice was written as a romantic comedy. Unfortunately, modern readers often find that it falls short, if only because Miss Austen avoided a subject widely recognized as essential in today’s comedic writing. read more


Stalking the boundaries

Christine Wood's novel 'The Stalker's Tale' elevates the 'erotic versus pornographic' debate

What makes a novel erotic? Must it appeal to our lower passions, making our blood boil as it brings seductive themes to the fore of our mind? Or is it, in the classical Platonic sense, something elevating us to a higher realm, consisting of love and divinely oriented desire? read more

Love & Sex

Love, Virtually

How might we approach online dating less like the chore of assembling flat pack furniture and more like an opportunity to connect with people we were never going to meet otherwise? Let's look at the data.

When I was sixteen, around the time my brother got a TRS-80 personal computer from Radio Shack, one of the high school teachers offered students an opportunity to partake in a matchmaking experiment. We answered a few dozen questions about our likes and dislikes, religious affiliation, and future goals, and our teacher’s mysterious data processor spit out a list of the six opposite sex students with whom we were deemed to be most compatible (when it was assumed one would only ever pair up with a member of the opposite sex). read more


Henry Monnier (1799 – 1877) A Group of Erotic Miniatures

Henry Bonaventure Monnier, artist and playwright, was born 7 June 1799. After studying at the Lycée Bonaparte, he frequented the workshops of the neo-classical artists Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson and Baron AntoineJean Gros. Aged just 23, Monnier  went to live in London, returning to Paris five years later where he started to encounter and befriend a glittering cast of authors and painters of the time: Alexandre Dumas, Théophile Gautier, Stendhal, Eugène Sue, Prosper Mérimée, Eugène Scribe, Eugène Delacroix, Louis Boulanger and Honoré de Balzac. read more


History Of Pleasure

Respectable Women Don’t Wear Pants

Easy access for intimacies or 'une toilette intime'?

Nowadays, not wearing underpants is a statement. It’s an act of seduction or daring or extreme forgetfulness. Going commando is whispered and giggled about. It’s funny and possibly sexy and definitely out of the ordinary. However, in the 18th century, respectable women didn’t wear pants, only whores did. read more

Only the missionary-style sexual position is permitted in Washington D.C., all other positions are considered illegal.