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Jamie Maclean steps down as editor; Lucy Roeber takes over – a new beginning for Erotic Review Magazine


More than two years ago, Erotic Review Magazine’s quarter century – a milestone in any independent periodical’s existence – slipped by without any of us really noticing. This brought home to me that nowadays, especially post-Covid, I have less and less time for my duties as editor.

Besides, I was 46 when I started this magazine and, if you do the maths, you’ll see that I’m, well, maybe a little too mature for this job.

So, for the last few months, ER has just been ticking over while we explored options and searched for my replacement – a new publisher-editor. I’m delighted to say that Lucy Roeber will be stepping into this role with great energy and enthusiasm; better still, it is her serious ambition to bring the magazine back into print.

Our main readership now resides in North America, and no longer the UK. But even if the Brits are wilting a bit, our fiction and non-fiction pieces attract an impressive number of readers every month: we must be getting something right.

A huge thank-you to all our contributors, our readers and all those who have helped so brilliantly with the magazine during my years, on and off, as editor. I’m sure that under Lucy’s editorship ER will endure, both as a website and in print, for a long while yet.

Editor 1995-97 and 2007-2022


The Erotic Review will be starting a new chapter in 2023 and I’m extremely proud and excited to be at the helm. Since the magazine was founded, nearly thirty years ago, it has enjoyed a long and successful history of adapting to the times while being committed to exploring and exposing our desires.

We are in one such moment of transition. While we finalise our plans for the relaunch next Spring, the website will continue to be accessible but no new work will be posted, aside from Savvy Love, and we won’t be responding to emails.

I’d like to thank Jamie Maclean for his long commitment to the magazine and the publishing of erotic books under the ER imprint. For the trust he’s shown in me to continue his good work. He will remain on the editorial board so his erotic influence will still be felt.

Please bear with us, we need readers like you who are curious and interested in ways the erotic can be expressed through art and ideas.

Editor 2022-



From Emma Becker's 2015 erotic novel ALICE, translated from the French by Carol Martin-Sperry

This is when Emmanuel realises that he is completely taken in by her performance even though she is faking it. The idea that she cannot experience any pleasure was ludicrous, she took such joy in it! read more


Stalking the boundaries

Christine Wood's novel 'The Stalker's Tale' elevates the 'erotic versus pornographic' debate

What makes a novel erotic? Must it appeal to our lower passions, making our blood boil as it brings seductive themes to the fore of our mind? Or is it, in the classical Platonic sense, something elevating us to a higher realm, consisting of love and divinely oriented desire? read more

Love & Sex

Directionally Challenged

No one on the street has ever told me I give good directions, but between the sheets this sentiment has come up time and again.

If I ever run out of things I want to try with my lover, give him direction and ask for his, I have either lost my faculties or I’m on my deathbed. read more


Henry Monnier (1799 – 1877) A Group of Erotic Miniatures

Henry Bonaventure Monnier, artist and playwright, was born 7 June 1799. After studying at the Lycée Bonaparte, he frequented the workshops of the neo-classical artists Anne-Louis Girodet-Trioson and Baron AntoineJean Gros. Aged just 23, Monnier  went to live in London, returning to Paris five years later where he started to encounter and befriend a glittering cast of authors and painters of the time: Alexandre Dumas, Théophile Gautier, Stendhal, Eugène Sue, Prosper Mérimée, Eugène Scribe, Eugène Delacroix, Louis Boulanger and Honoré de Balzac. read more


History Of Pleasure

Respectable Women Don’t Wear Pants

Easy access for intimacies or 'une toilette intime'?

Nowadays, not wearing underpants is a statement. It’s an act of seduction or daring or extreme forgetfulness. Going commando is whispered and giggled about. It’s funny and possibly sexy and definitely out of the ordinary. However, in the 18th century, respectable women didn’t wear pants, only whores did. read more

Western European, North American and Australian men usually search for a partner who is less than two years younger while men in Nigeria, Zambia, Colombia and Iran all prefer women at least four years younger.

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December 2022

Erotic Review will not be accepting any more contributions until further notice.

Since its inception in 1995,
Erotic Review has consolidated itself as a literary lifestyle publication about sex and sexuality aimed at sophisticated, intelligent readers. It is independent, run by volunteers, non-profit and entirely free of charge to its readers. In its current form, owned and edited by Lucy Roeber, it continues to fulfil that role as a lively website. Erotic Review regularly publishes features, short fiction, comment and reviews, as well as a Portfolio section showcasing the work of a photographer or illustrator. Recently we have started to include podcast interviews; we hope to include fiction in this audio section as well. read more